The Real Skinny on Fat : First Impressions

Anyone who has watched What the Health probably understands what it felt like back in the days of snake oil salesman. They talk a good game and they’re very convincing, but it all just seems a little too aggressive and a little lacking in…well, science. Kinda like your local ITWorks or DoTerra salesperson. That tactic works. It works REALLY well. The problem is, it also compromises the trustworthiness of legitimate scientific concepts. Enter: The Real Skinny on Fat.

I’m already leery because of that Dr. Oz seal. Does anyone really still believe that man cares about the medical or scientific soundness of ANYTHING? The landing page for this webseries (which has already aired at least once, back in March 2018) screams scam.  Before I signed up to view it – yes, you have to sign up to get the links, even though it’s free until it has completely aired – before I signed up, I scoured it for the “Buy now” button.  This thing presents as seriously sketchy.

skinny on fat

This is a problem because the information they present is – so far – at least mostly solid.  They’re speaking to a lot of true experts in the field – folks with credentials like Team Neurosurgeon for the Pittsburgh Steelers (that’s his least impressive stat, btw).  But they don’t have any footnotes.  No end notes.  No little asterisk leading you to the studies that they’re citing.  Often, they don’t even cite a specific study, they just present this information as though it’s as obvious as gravity. The science is important to me, I don’t care how impressive the speaker is.  Luckily, I know how to find the science, and it will be my goal to – when possible – provide those studies that back up the information.

I’ll also let you know when I can’t.

My following posts will be episode specific. If you can, I do recommend watching it and then doing your own research to confirm the concepts presented.

To watch: Episode 1 – The Real Skinny on Fat

    Episode 2 – The Real Skinny on Fat

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